Pre-Construction Listings

When we have pre-construction listings available this is the page where they will be!

Benefits of buying a pre-construction home

  • Buying a pre-construction home has several benefits. You can customize it to your likings. You can pick finishes, appliances, and most of the time, new builds are more eco-friendly. Most builders have an extended deposit structure, which allows you to buy at today's prices while the property appreciates over time.

Researching your builder

  • You should always conduct some research on your builder. Take a look at your builder's track record in delivering completed projects. If the opportunity presents itself, talk to other unitholders, and find out if they are satisfied with the builder. Take time to visit the builder's website and educate yourself about the builder and the current project.


  • We've all heard it before. Real estate is all about location! Before purchasing a pre-construction home, it is essential to check out the site they are building. Research the area's plans for development and also take time to explore your new potential neighbourhood.

Find a great realtor to represent you.

  • The realtor you choose has a significant impact on the experience you have. Some qualities of a great realtor include creativity, self-discipline, strong negotiating skills, exceptional communication skills, and doing things with integrity.

Tarion New home warranty

  • All new homes built in Ontario must have a warranty provided by the builder. Tarion's job is to make sure that this warranty is being complied with. The warranty covers things such as:
  • Educating new homeowners about their agreement.
  • Protecting consumers when the builder does not deliver.
  • Working on disputes between homeowners and the builder.

Ten days cooling-off period

  • You always have a cooling period when you purchase a new home. Each agreement usually has ten days, commencing on the day you sign, which allows you to cancel for any reason. It is suggested that you take the agreement to a lawyer within this period for review. Most of the time, builders request the mortgage commitment during this time.

Predelivery inspection

  • You have successfully closed on your property! Congratulations! Now it's time to do a pre-delivery inspection with your builder. They will guide you through a home review and teach you about the plumbing, heating, and ventilation systems. The report will include any deficiencies on the property that need to be addressed.

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